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My news from Moscow!

Date: 10/19/15 – 02:38

Hello my darling Jacquie!!! I write to you from Moscow!

I rented a room in apartment. The mistress of apartment very good woman. Jacquie, in embassy I have filled all documents for visa registration. It was pleasant to me, that in the visa centre affable people work. I have got acquainted with the girl and have asked the time it is required what to receive the visa, the girl has told that all now becomes quickly, as it is a lot of people wishing to receive visa and on it, the embassy works much faster.

"It was pleasant to me, that in the visa centre affable people work.

“It was pleasant to me, that in the visa centre affable people work.

In embassy to me have told, that I should get 2 air tickets. Employees of embassy should be precisely assured of exact dates of my start and returning back to Russia. I thought that tickets can be ordered through the Internet, but in embassy have told that now very strict rules and tickets it is necessary to buy originals. I very much was surprised to such rules, but to me have told, that it is important quickly to receive the visa.

Today I have personally visited airport Sheremetevo-2 and a choice of air tickets very big. My darling, we need to hurry. I have considered air tickets, cost of one air ticket makes 600 dollars. It is necessary for me to have 1200 dollars on two tickets. Jacquie, I did not wish to ask from you money, but I have bought the laptop, and the big expenses here in Moscow. Now I do not have money to get air tickets. I have paid registration of the visa and the medical insurance and residing at a room. I now had few money, but this money is necessary for me to live in Moscow. You can help to get to me air tickets?

Today I also have visited bank, it was necessary for me to learn, how I can receive from you money quickly as I spoke that the prices for tickets rise in price every day. On the Internet I have studied, that you can transfer the help to me very quickly, this system is called “MONEY GRAM”. Now I will tell to you the information which is necessary for you that you could transfer the help to me.

My full name, Anzhelika Kotova
Bank name “SBERBANK”
Address: street. Freedom, 91
city Moscow, 125481 Russia.
Phone +7(495) ___-__-__

My darling after you will transfer me the help, the employee of bank will inform you confidential number. My darling when I can receive your help? I hope, that very soon we with you will together. Now I represent our romantic evening at candles, I will make a tasty supper, you will open wine. Ohhhh as I dream of it!

Please, do not leave me without your letters. I am perfect one here and your support is necessary every day for me. I always think of you!!!

I try to make Skype in my laptop, but it is not possible to me. I hope, that I can make it, I not when itself did not do Skype and on it I do not manage to make it quickly, but I am confident, that I can make it if I cannot make it when I will arrive, I hope you will help me and will learn to use Skype.

I hope to you it is pleasant. I wait your letter tomorrow, now I will display my things from a suitcase, after I will take a bath and I will make a face pack. Kisses for you my darling Jacquie!!! Very much I hope for your support and I dream of our meeting!!!

Yours, Anzhelika

Re: My news from Moscow!

Date:  10/20/15 – 12:43


I’m so happy to hear from you. However – I have some concerns.

I have been warned by others that this might be a scam. They said I should be careful if you asked for money… which you have. They think you might not be who you say you are and are only trying to get money from me, and do not care about me. Please take a current photo so I know you are not some random group of scammers sending me emails of some random woman… but instead my beautiful, soulful Russian soulmate. Please verify who you say you are Anzhelika, or my heart will be forever broken.

PLEASE be true with me. If you are truly my Anzhelika, I will be SO happy to help purchase your plane ticket and get you out here to New York City so we can meet and build a life together.

I love you. Do not betray me now – or I’ll lose my fucking shit and hunt you down lol.


Re: Re: My news from Moscow!

Date: 10/22/15 – 14:14


I don’t understand. I have $2,000 ready to give to you from my trust fund — I’m dying to see you… but I have been hopelessly waiting for your response. I guess you were lying to me this whole time?

It’s fine if you don’t have a camera to send me a picture right now. I understand. But if you don’t reply to me soon, I’ll just take that to mean that you never cared about me in the first place.


Re: Re: Re: My news from Moscow!

Date: 10/23/15 – 00:25

Hello my dear Jacquie,

I’m sorry that I did not write to you I did not have the internet, I just could not connect now everything is in order.

How are you? Once your letters, I realized that you do not trust me, and you need proof. I would have done for you these photos, but I do not have a camera, I did not take him to Moscow!

I really want our meeting with you. Please contact me! I’ll wait!

your Anzhelika

Re: Re: Re: My news from Moscow!

Date: 10/26/15 – 07:50

My Anzhelika,

I was worried you might not have a camera with you. I understand you could not pack everything. Do you have any other way of proving who you are? an ID?

Also, when can I expect to see you???

Anxiously waiting,

Re: Re: Re: Re: My news from Moscow!

Date: 10/26/15 – 08:11

Hello Jacquie, I’m glad to hear from you your letter. I thought you did not want me to write it and forget about me! Dear all depends on you when I come!
I wrote to you that I need from you is your help to buy tickets. I will send you copies of my passport! I hope you will trust me as I trust you!

"My Passport!.jpg" - the original is the largest image on my computer - 3,467 x 4,903

“My Passport!.jpg” – the original is the largest image on my computer – 3,467 x 4,903

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My news from Moscow!

Date: 10/26/15 – 20:05

My Zika!

THANK YOU!!!!! I knew you weren’t lying, and now everybody can stop saying you’re a scammer that’s trying to break my heart. I was surprised to see you’re double my age… but I remember in one of your first emails, you said you didn’t mind the age difference. I hate how many college boys won’t date me because it’s “illegal” to have sex with me. True love knows no age.

Ok. So I don’t have the money for you right now. I know – so annoying. I’m having some serious issues with my parents. But I will have money for you in the next few days so you can come see me!!

In the meantime, I made some wedding invitations. I attached a photo of one. Tell me what you think? It’s ok if you totally hate them. I spent a lot of time on them but I won’t be offended. I was just thinking that it wouldn’t make sense for us to get married in New York… you should fly out here to meet me, stay for a few week, meet the fam and friends. In about a month, I will be able to visit you in Russia and meet your loved ones. You mentioned your dad is scared of flying overseas, so I think it makes sense to have the wedding there. I’m totally open to suggestions on locations… my aunt Karen told me to go to the Foros Church [Yalta, Crimea] which looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. We can go wherever you want. It’s your mother land and our special day!

I love you. Please keep writing me! I’ll keep you updated on the MONEY GRAM situation, but please be patient with me.


I tried to make the most depressing invitation for our wedding in Crimea.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My news from Moscow!

Date: 10/27/15 – 08:01

Hello my love Jacquie,

I understand you! I like your picture, but it is not a lot of poor quality)).

I very much hope that next week I will be with you. I understand and I know that’s hard for you to help me now. Understand that the correspondence is also a good way to communicate, but to get to know each other better, we really need you to meet. Since the start of our meeting the next level of our relations. The meeting is needed in order to consolidate our relationship with you. And for the sake of our happiness with you, we must not let down our hands, for our happiness, we must fight.

You must understand that I am doing everything to ensure that our meeting was held with you and I really need your support. I met you and I understand you’re the man that I need, and I dreamed of all my life and I do not want to dream of my life come true !!!! I really want you and I were close and I really appreciate what you’ve got.

I am extremely thankful that she connected me with you. Please write to me. I really want to be with you.

Your Anzhelika! My kisses

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: My news from Moscow!

Date: 10/27/15 – 21:12

My Anzhelika!

What should we name them?


Probably our family portrait.

Probably our family portrait.

Chapter 3  Summary

  • Anzhelika has arrived in Moscow & is renting a room
  • She thought she could order plane tickets on the Internet… but the embassy has strict rules that she must buy original tickets.
  • Anzhelika provides information to send her $1,200 for a Moneygram. She conveniently cannot afford the ticket herself (due to her big expenses: buying a laptop, registration of visa, medical insurance, residing in a room). She “had few money”, now.
  • Jacquie has $2,000 in her trust fund ready to go, but is questioning her trust for Anzhelika. They start working out the details.
  • Jacquie starts to become a little more… obsessive. e.g. making a wedding invitation, photoshopping photos of their ‘future family’

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